Sharon de los Santos
About Me (Biography)

The author was born in San Antonio, Texas and now lives in Texas mostly but also commutes to her other home in the moutains of New Mexico.  

"EXPLORING MEXICAN CUISINE: Abuelita's Kitchen" is a cookbook based on one hundred year old family recipes from Mexico. Many recipes and ingredients have been modified to be healthy and accessible to the modern American kitchen. Savor traditional Mexican dishes such as steaming hot “Green Chile Chicken Tamales”, ocean fresh “Pescado Vera Cruz” (Fish Vera Cruz style), and good old fashioned comfort food like “Arroz con Pollo” (Chicken and Rice). Enjoy the  “Polvorones” cookies which literally melt in your mouth.

Sharon loved cooking and pastry arts at an early age, she realized important life events unfolded in the kitchen and realized her love of cooking, baking and writing worked well together. She learned her cooking skills from her grandmother and father, both were successful restaurant owners. Her love of writing grew as she aged. She began honing her writing skills at a young age and continued to hone her skills while working at Express News newspaper in San Antonio, Texas. Her first cookbook is based on 100 year old Mexican family recipes. She initially wrote this cookbook as a labor of love for her daughter (who is a Pastry Arts student at Cordon Bleu), family, and of course friends to share her knowledge of Mexican dining.

In the spring of 2008 she retired from IBM and the "rat racers" corporate world. She currently enjoys "taking time to enjoy life with her husband Steve and dogs Rusty and Rocky" in TX. She also enjoys living a healthier lifestyle, continues to write cookbooks and publish short local articles.

Her first book, "Exploring Mexican Cuisine: Abuelita's Kitchen" published in December 2009, second printing is available as of May 2011. Sharon announces the release of "Exploring Mexican Cuisine: Abuelita's Cocina", Vol. 2 and an updated KINDLE release in May 2011. 

Sharon is working on her third cookbook "CUPCAKERY" due for release in 2013. She is working on her memoirs to be released a future date.

Sharon's writing shines brightly - Lincoln County Writers Assn.

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